Citadel paint pot stands

Citadel paint pot stands

When I was painting war hammer models I decided I wanted to organize my paints so I took to google like most would, but I found the results a little disappointing, while some may say you only need functionality and having a plain laser cut mdf paint pot stand would suffice I wanted something a little more pleasing to the eyes so I got designing and created a collection of hand made, high quality paint pot stands.

citadel paint pot stand with draw

Laser cut from walnut or ash veneered mdf and clear acrylic with a finishing coat of Danish oil, these stands not only look good but are functional at the same time. hand assembled with precision and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality stands are being shipped out.

not only do I create stands for citadel paints but I have started to introduce stands for the army painter paints also, am al open for other brands of paints so drop me a message and i will look into your request


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