simple ammo crates set of 6 terrain scatter basing 3d printed wargames


set of 6 ammo crates, 3 designs, 2 of each design

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Bring the battlefield to life with this set of three unpainted ammo crates for wargames terrain scatter and basing.

Set includes 3 highly detailed, 3D printed ammo crates perfect for adding realism and immersion to your tabletop
Durable, lightweight construction allows for easy placement and storage
Ideal sizes and shapes for scatter terrain and miniature basing
With intricate sculpted details , these ammo crates enhance battlefield environments from historical to sci-fi settings. Scatter them across the table or affix them to bases to create cover and elevation for your miniatures. Wargamers love enhancing immersion and realism through high quality terrain.

For tabletop generals seeking an affordable way to add believable clutter and supplies to their arenas of combat, this set of ammo crates delivers. Use them to bring your battlefields to life.


set of 6 ammo crates, 3 designs, 2 of each design

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